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Keys Tire, Lube & Auto Repair in Park Hill Oklahoma is an ASE Certified shop specializing in quality bed liners, brakes and more. We are a full service tire shop and vehicle repair facility. 


Cherokee Tire of Tahlequah is a certified Scorpion and Gatorhyde bedliner installer for trucks of all sizes. Protect your precious cargo with a spray in bed liner or hard drop in bedliner. Call or visit our website to book your appointment.

Oklahoma's Bedliner Installation

When you schedule your truck bed to be lined, our technicians will evaluate the best type of liner for your truck. We use only top quality materials to provide the vehicle with a long lasting protective barrier against wear and tear in no time at all. Your truck will look great and be protected from corrosion, rust, chemicals, rain, dirt and the sun.

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Which bedliner is best for you?

For tough trucks and equipment, a bedliner installation is your first line of defense against the elements. At Cherokee Tire & Auto Repair our experts know that bed liners protect against damage from factors such as moving supplies and tools that can cause severe scratches on your truck bed.

Lining your truck bed is an effective way to create a watertight, permanent protective layer for the back of your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a hard molded bedliner or a non-skid, environmentally friendly spray on bedliner, our solutions are able to stand up to dents, abrasions, rust and the elements. This can also preserve the value of your vehicle for resale later on.


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Spray In Bedliners

Spray-in liners are permanent since a polyurethane elastomer spray is directly used on the bed. This can be applied using an air compressor, high-pressure machine, cartridge or with a roller. Spray on liners such as GatorHyde and Scorpion don’t allow any damaging elements such as dirt and water to get trapped between the bed and the liner.

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Drop In Bedliners

Typically, drop-in liners are made from a plastic sheet form fitted and dropped into the truck bed. Bolts hold this down on every side. Since drop-in liners come straight from the manufacturer, they are custom-fit to your particular vehicle. There are many options for hard bedliners, such as whether you want just the floor covered or you want to include the walls of your truck bed.


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