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Keys Tire, Lube & Auto Repair in Park Hill Oklahoma is an ASE Certified shop specializing in quality bed liners, brakes and more. We are a full service tire shop and vehicle repair facility. 

Oil Change Shop In Tahlequah OK


For car repair and oil changes, as well as a tire repair shop, please visit Cherokee Tire & Auto Repair in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. We have provided some free information to the public here in our blog.


Oil Change Shop In Tahlequah OK

Kevin Khoury

Let’s talk about oil changes in Tahlequah and Keys because it's hot outside and oil actually will change with temperature. It's so easy to overlook, or forget about changing your oil when we're all having fun at Lake Tenkiller or the Illinois River!


How often does a car owner have to change his car oil?

For newer vehicles, the owners manual will tell you that it’s okay to go 5,000 miles before you change your car oil under normal conditions. It always depends on how you use your car. If you have a new car and you fairly use it, you can always follow the recommendation of your car manufacturer.  But if you have an older vehicle and use it heavily you may want to follow the old 3,000 mile rule. A car is used heavily if you travel frequently on rough roads, long travels, driving In extreme temperature, hauling heavy materials or excessive humidity. 

If this is your regular scenario, this can cause wear and tear on your vehicle. A car engine has a lot of moving parts that rub against each other and produce heat. So you have to change your oil more often to prevent overheating.

When it comes to  choosing the right motor oil for your car, normally there are four types of oil to choose from, conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend and high-mileage.

Conventional oil is recommended for cars with basic engine. Synthetic oil has fewer impurities with high performance additives for better extreme high and low temperature performance. Synthetic blend is specifically formulated for higher loads and high temperatures, ideal for SUVs and trucks. And high mile-age oil helps prevent oil leaks and burn-off that may occur in older engines.

But if you don’t have an idea of what and how to change your motor oil, you can always count on the experts at Keys Tire Lube & Auto Repair in Tahlequah. Our experts and mechanics will perform a thorough "once-over" on your car, truck, SUV or heavy equipment to give you an update on the health of the vehicle overall, not just change your oil. We keep you safe out there and we have been proving that in Oklahoma for over 9 years.