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Importance Of Choosing The Right Mechanic


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Importance Of Choosing The Right Mechanic

Kevin Khoury

Your car is not just a conveyance for people, as we know. It is the representative of your personality and class too. So it is important to maintain the beauty of the car. However, the exterior beauty is not as important as the interior beauty. By interior beauty, we mean the working condition of machinery.

The engine and all the machinery in the car should be in good condition and whenever any problem strikes, you should hire the right mechanic to sort it out. A little problem, if neglected, could turn to a huge problem and cost literally thousands to repair. How much will you be able to enjoy your vehicle if it is no longer in working condition or in the shop for a long time?

The importance of hiring the right mechanic:

Hiring a mechanic for the car is almost the same as hiring a doctor for the patient. If the doctor is not competent then his treatment could place the patient in hot waters. Same is the importance of the right mechanic for the car. A careless or uneducated mechanic could make the condition worse instead of resolving it. Let us highlight some of the problems which were experienced by the people who hired a poor and incompetent mechanic:

1: More time was taken:

The incompetent technician or mechanic never knows and understands the system fully. He is going to waste a lot of time and money in diagnosing the problem. Even the correct diagnosis is not guaranteed by him. So it is also possible that he opens the working part of the car and makes it faulty. Even after the right diagnosis, he is going to take a lot of time to correct the situation. So it will cost you more time and money. 

2: Fixing a poor quality part:

The wrong guy doesn’t understand the quality of the spare parts available in the market. He may buy the cheapest one to save more for himself but he may end up fixing the worst quality part in your car. This part will not work correctly and you may end up during your journey with a broken engine. You will feel happy after paying the mechanic bills because he saved you money by adding cheap quality parts but this little discount could cost you more in the future. 

3: Treating the effect only:

The incompetent mechanic will waste a lot of time in diagnosis. Even after the diagnosis, he will only repair the part which is creating a problem. Sometimes the cause of the problem also needs to be treated and treating effect is not the solution. But the wrong mechanic never understands the problem fully and he will just repair the effect instead of repairing the cause and sorting out the source of a problem.

4: Charging you more:

If the mechanic does not understand the problem fully and he is repairing everything which seems to be faulty, you may end up paying more for the treatment. There are great chances that the problem was not in all the parts repaired by him. So it will cost more to your pocket. 

Hence, it is advised to all the car owners to do research before hiring a mechanic. Always ask the important questions from the mechanic and ask him to show the certificate of qualification.

The ASE Certified team here at Keys Auto in Keys Oklahoma understands how important it is to feel like family. We take extra special care in every repair that we do, so if you're ready to experience the Keys difference, you can contact us directly or request information below.

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